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Where are your pages stuck?

As I mentioned before, I often use my creativity to bring me clarity and wisdom in my life.

There is nothing like getting in a zone, sketching or pushing paint around to quiet an over active mind a bring some truths to the surface.

Today I squeezed old paint on some old book pages, closed the book, then had real trouble finding where the pages were stuck together, but when I did I loved what had been created onto the pages.

We may see ourselves as an interesting story book, our lives divided into dramatic, romantic, sad, tragic, funny, exciting chapters, each with a beginning and middle and an end.

What happens if some real gunk gets spilled in your story over some of the those chapters, and you didn't notice that a few of those pages in your story got a little stuck together?

Sometimes it takes a bit of time, and patience, but if you are prepared to do the work, when you finally reveal those pages, and un-stick the gunk between them, you might find you can love that glorious, perfectly imperfect mess you have become.

I invite you to use your creativity as healing, find your stuck pages, reveal them to yourself and love the artful alternative you have become!


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