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Where is my Comfort Zone?

Tonight I stood in front of a room of diverse strangers in Fort Myers and was a vulnerable as I have been in a very long time.

"Speak my Peace" is a monthly open mic event run by Gulf Coast Leisure where people share words freely on the mic, either as poetry, music or comedy.

It is another place I have found locally where community is created through Art and I am so grateful these places exist.

They say that when you do something outside your comfort zone, that is when transformation occurs.

All I really remember about my poetry performance is that I could feel nervous energy convulsing through me as I spoke and a few random crowd members felt the need to hug me as I came off stage.

Be hey, maybe you have to physically convulse to transform into a poem-performing butterfly.

I discharged a lot of negative energy through my poem, it was a fun, therapeutic, truthful, real and raw Artful Alternative to me.


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