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Who would want to be King?

Wow! (and this is me on a positive tip) It is nice to have some time to do what I want to do, exactly when I want to do it.

I must be honest though, this pause in life is making my emotions go on a roller coaster and wonder if this the case for anyone else?

It is bringing up stuff I thought I had dealt with or at least shoved in the back of a very dusty drawer marked "Leave this here and forget about it", so I see it as a chance to heal old wounds and move forward healthier.

Worrying about the "Should's and Could be's" is pointless because this time shows that generally the reality is actually most often the least expected thing that happens in the end.

I invite you to create with me today, something that will dislodge something from your dusty drawer marked "I am too scared to do that thing, because what if someone doesn't like it or it's not good enough"

Because let's face it, at the moment, who the fuck cares and who the fuck will care for a good while and when they care, who cares that they care provided YOU love it while you are creating it?

This is a time to find real freedom in your artful alternatives!


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