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Why Underwater Photography? Cath Branwood started scuba diving in Australia. Her first ever dive was at the Great Barrier Reef. She was terrified but knew even through the fear, that this single new experience was going to be the start of a really incredible part of her life.


Back in UK, and about as far as one could be from a scuba life, Cath was a lawyer at that time. But caught by the scuba bug, she trained from Open Water Diver to Rescue Diver in very cold and often murky water in and around her home country. In a "leap of faith" decision, she then totally changed direction in life and moved to The Yucatan, Mexico to be a marine conservationist, a scuba instructor, underwater photographer and videographer.  

Cath's artistic eye followed her underwater. She often brings abstraction to her underwater images., concentrating on shape, form and color, rather than focusing on the subject of the photo. The light, reflections and rock formations of the Mexican Cenotes are a magical 'avatar-esque' place to dream. She brings a unique point of view in her photos by capturing creatures at angles you might not normally see., which let's you see details and textures which are fascinating.

In these underwater photographs, as with her musician and band photos, Cath's aim is to capture the essence of life as she sees it.  Eyes are the window's to the soul, but why do some of these underwater creatures have reflections of the whole universe in their eyes? It's an Artful Underwater World. 

All photos are subject to copyright registration but are available as prints or digital download. Contact the artist to purchase. 

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